My Teaching Experience

Since senior high school, I had an interest in teaching volunteer. It is not because I have a passion for that but my friends invite me to join the teaching volunteer program called Istana Belajar Anak Banten (ISBANBAN). As a beginner, I don’t have any skills to teach someone – clueless is my middle name. How can I teach someone when I still feeling nervous at all time? My hand is trembling and I can’t even greet them – can you imagine how clumsy I am.

ISBANBAN is teaching volunteer program that located in Merak village, Banten. Fortunately, I always accompanied by my friends and “kakak-kakak”. In my first teaching class, I taught a random subject for the elementary student. The class consists of about 10 students from grade IV to VI. The main goal is to enhance their interest in reading. During the class, we play games and study in fun learning. After I finish the first teaching experience, I’m very happy beyond my expectation.

In my first year of university, I try to join a teaching volunteer again called KAGEM Yogyakarta. I taught science in a small “Taman Baca” community. The class consists of about 5 students of elementary students. The main goal is to help students exercise. Since the average of student come from lower income family so they need a “course” to teach them in better understanding. Due to the distance, I can’t afford to teach again in Kagem. For one month volunteering, it’s such a mesmerizing moment to me.

After that, I join Gen Indonesia. Gen Indonesia is similar to Kagem Yogyakarta – “Taman Baca” community – one of the biggest NGO in education. I taught English and Science in public elementary students. The school is located in Besi street, the class consists of 30 students. They are very active and curious. Since they are active, I think hard what kind of activity that matches with their characteristic. In the 2nd week, I had a plan to make art class which they painted their dream job added with the vocabulary that we learned before. Even if it is a little bit chaotic but the class run well. After finish, I ask the student to put their artwork in front of the class and the result is amazing. Being a teacher and see their good result is happiest things. At that moment, I realize that this is my passion.

Another teaching volunteer that I follow is PBI Mengabdi. I taught English to “Desa Binaan” students. This program is held once a week. During the program, I assist the student in learned English and empower them to speak up in front of their friends. Since the program is located in Brebah I can’t follow it further. But I really recommend to the PBI student to join their own program.

Last but not least, I join Australia Field Trip Program or PPL Australia in 2018. This is one of the precious programs in PBI UII. Alhamdulillah, I selected as delegates in Rosebud Secondary College with Mba Tika. As an Assistant Language Teacher, I taught Bahasa Indonesia to junior/senior high school student. This program held for two weeks. During the class, I assist the student in learned Bahasa dan introduce the Indonesian culture. This class consists of 15 students. I am really happy to be part of this program because it helps to enhance my teaching pedagogy and skills. I never thought that being a teacher is my passion until I discover it. I’m very passionate about my subject and I would like to inspire children to love English as much as I do

Get to know about SEA-Teacher!

The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization or SEAMEO is a regional intergovernmental organization established in 1965 among governments of Southeast Asian countries to promote regional cooperation in education, science and culture in the region. SEAMEO has two programs in education, there are Sea-Teacher and Sea-Tvet.

I’m one of Sea-Teacher representatives from my University. I’m really proud to be part of SEAMEO’s program. Yap, I’m sure, I ‘ll get many new experiences, knowledge and wonderful stories from this program. Not only can visit other country but also, I can share my knowledge and improve my teaching skill.

Get to know about me!

My name is Diah Agustina Ratu - just call me Diah. I was born on August 23rd, 1998, in Serang, Banten. I’m currently residing in Yogyakarta to complete my bachelor of education in UII - currently partaking in the teaching volunteer program. Watching youtube and sleep are my hobbies. I’m an ENFP with big dreams to give #EducationForAll, own a “taman bacaan”, establish a well-managed literacy platform to help eradicate illiterate, to empower women and to promote Islam. In the meantime, I hope my everyday attitude is exemplary and will always reflect the true meaning of being a Muslim, Insha’Allah