Teaching Practice

I have taught 14 times which means 28 hours in this program

Procedures of Teaching


In the beginning of the class, I greet student by saying good morning or good afternoon. I also ask their condition such as “how are you?”, “have eat your lunch?”, “are you ready to start the class?”, “is there any absent today?” etc. After that, I do some brainstorming activity such as puzzle game or six thinking hats. For instance, in the puzzle game of teaching resume, I used Blackpink’s photo as the quiz. I asked them “do you know who they are? what is their job?”. Not only Blackpink’s but also other job like chef, doctor, or even T.Maai picture represents as teacher job. In the six thinking hats of teaching ASEAN culture, I used a picture of ASEAN flag and ask them to mention ASEAN country. Those activity really helps them to encourage their motivation in learning. Another benefit if I used this engaging brainstorming is helps them to know the main core of lesson by introducing the general part. If teacher can get students attention from the beginning, it’s easier to explain them the lesson itself.


After doing brainstorming, I tell them about the learning objective and what they do in student task. For the example, I said “today, we are going to learn about the similarities and differences between Thai and Indonesia Culture to be able to speak/write to give data about the culture”


Work mode stage can be divided into two section; teacher explanation and student task. In the teacher explanation, I present the teaching material by PPT with using video and pictures. Besides the PPT, I also used board for giving more explanation and example. I always used repetition and GTM (grammar translation method) in my teaching practice. Meanwhile, in the student task, I always using six thinking tools. The thinking tools that I used before in my teaching practice are white hat an compare/contrast. In CRPAO, teacher must implement the thingking tools due to the school identity “Thinking School”. During the work mode stage, I often used a4 paper for making diagram and google document for submit the task. I divided the student task into two type; individual and group. The individual task is made the compare/contrast diagram and the group task is playing game. I always make game because they love the competition. The game that I designed for asean topic is boardgame and flash card. Meanwhile, the game that I designed for resume is puzzle game. They really enjoy it. To encourage them, I always gave the appreciation words or applause. I also gave them the rewards to the first winner of the game. I gave them the Indonesian gift. In short, the activity that I usually used in my teaching practice are white hat thinking tools, compare/contrast, matching picture, puzzle game, worksheet, fill in the blank, etc.


In reflective thinking, I asked them the understanding of the lesson. To check student comprehension, I always used Kahoot! application. I gave five question with Yes/No format or multiple choices. While checking the student answer, I explain them again the summary of the lesson. it helps them to know the correct answer. I closed the classroom by giving motivational quotes and saying goodbye.

Time Management and Organizing Activities

I set the time management and organizing activities from CRPAO Lesson Plan format. In the lesson plan, there are four stages of teaching. This time management is based on two hour teaching practice.

Do now – 3 minutes

Contains of brainstorming activity

Purporse – 2 minutes

Telling learning objectives

Work mode – 40 minutes

Contains of presentation, student task, and group games

Reflective thinking – 10 minutes

Asking student reflection and summary of the lesson

I divided the time based on the rational time of activity. The work mode stage can be the longest in the teaching practice, because it requires more practice and explanation. Rationally, student can finish their task in 30 minutes for making diagram. To decide the time management, I also consider the student understanding.

Problem Solving

Language barrier is the real problem in my teaching practice. Since the English level of Thailand student is pretty low, it hards to them to understand my explanation. To solve that problem, I used bilingual PPT, video and picture in every PPT, and google translate. I also got help from T.Maai who translate the words. I love T.Maai so much, thank you teacher!

The second problem is managing the misbehaved student. I believe that all student have their own characteristic and potential. But sometimes their characteristic might be distract the classroom environment. For the example, he/she kept playing the guitar and yelling the others. I classified this student into Student D. To solve that problem, I asked him/her to gather with the Student A who diligent to complete the task. I kept them comfortable by giving the explanation and warm word to motivate him.

Classroom Management

Praising is one of my behaviors in teaching practice. I always give them praise if they can answer the question, confirming the answer, or even when she/he try to finish the task! I believe by saying “great” “that’s excellent” will motivate them in learning.

The second things is walk around the classroom. I liked to walk around to check student task how far they finished it. If there’s any question from the student, I can answer directly. Sometimes student are quiet shy to ask in the classroom discussion, so that I approach directly. I also kept telling jokes or whatever.