Pedagogical Contents

Teaching Methods

Student-centered approach

Both teachers and students play an equally active role in the learning process. Teacher role is to manage and facilitate student learning. Teacher create a classroom environment that encourages children to think and learn. Since, T.Maai is the funny teacher so student have enthusiasm to participate the class. In T.Maai class, the STT (Student talk time) is dominate than TTT (Teacher talk time).

Inquiry-based learning

T.Maai is supportive teacher who know the student needs. He encourage students to ask questions wether the student is understand or not or there’s something should be explain. In the beginning of the lesson, T.Maai asked student about the general understanding of the lesson and consider what they want to know about that. Student then search their answer, find the information about things that they want to know. At the end of lesson, student reflect on the experience and what they learned. This stage is happen in reflective thinking stage.

High tech approach to learning

T.Maai utilizes different technology to aid student in their classroom learning. He use laptop, projector, and speaker in the classrooms. He also use internet to show the material from online resources such as Youtube. He sometimes use google form as the student task.

Learnings Material and Innovation

In learning materials, T.Maai uses student workbook, a4 paper for student task, pencil color, brush/pen. He also uses laptop that connected into LCD projector. He uses Bluetooth speaker. Although he show the PPT, T.Maai also uses whiteboard to elaborate and give example about the lesson.

In classroom innovation, T.Maai uses Bluetooth speaker. During the work mode stage, T.Maai often play song to boost student mood and that’s effective! Student doesn’t have pressure to finish their task, with song they can happily do the task. The Bluetooth not only play when in the work mode stage but also play in the do now stage also.

Learning Resources and Technology

Most of the teacher in CRPAO uses internet as their main learning resources. Others, can be find in the English textbooks. CRPAO also provide e-learning in their school website.

In technology, crpao already integrated high-tech with smartboard. The classroom tools are board, Bluetooth speaker, LCD projector, and others. In addition, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) also used in CRPAO. Student can learn from that media and it sounds engaging!

Authentic Assessment

T.Maai uses thinking tools as authentic assessment. The thinking tools that he used is mind mapping about USA. In student task, teacher ask student to make mind map about USA. This is individual work but student can discuss together about USA. Student can write about the city, food, tourist attraction, and others.

Another authentic assessment is when teaching resume. Student are asked to make their own CV/resume based on the experience. It is very authentic from student to write all of their achievement and experience in their own resume/cv.