Dear diary,

This page is contain of my daily journal during the SEA-Teacher program. Happy reading!

Sunday, 4 August 2019

04.30 – I arrived at the Soekarno-Hatta airport in 2F terminal. I met vika and the others delegates such as Salma, Mukhlis, Desi, Sarah, Varni, and Cath. We had the same flight schedule to Chiang Rai.

06.30 – We arrived at DMK international airport. After that, we managed the arrival document such immigration things and print our transfer ticket

12.30 – From DMK International airport we flight to Chiang Rai airport by Thai Lion.

13.55 – We arrived at Chiang Rai airport. There’s an unexpected moment when Sarah bought something suspicious. The airport employee asked what’s in her luggage and open it. But she forgot her luggage password. After she’s remember the password, she immediately open her luggage and do you know what? She brought an iron!! Haha. We laughed together at the airport. Then, we were picked up by T.Nok and Mark.

Monday, 5 agustus 2019

14.44 – We went to the Cabbage and Condoms (C&C) hotel. We are divided into two roommate and I’m with Vika. We took a rest after the long hour flight. In the evening, we went to the nearest market for searching rice or halal food restaurant and buying sim card.

At 08.30 am – I had breakfast at hotel with the others delegates. It’s yummy! Then, the next agenda is opening ceremony in CRRU. At 09.00 am we are going to CRRU university by car. In that occasion, we took a photo with all the executive and delegates. The photo session are divided into each person and each university. Then, they showed us about CCRU profile, the school maps, the building near the school like mosque or restaurant, and the tourism place in Chiang  Rai. In the end of the event, we met our beloved buddy. Her name is new. She is cute just like us. After that, we went to the Big C, the biggest supermarket, in the town.

At 7.30 pm – we had dinner with the others delegates and Tony in front of C&C hotel. We went to Seven Eleven (sevel). In sevel, we bought some itineraries for the rest of month. I also bought couple ice cream with April.

Tuesday, 6 august 2019

At 08.30 – we checked out from the C&C hotel and going to CRRU. The 2nd day agenda was met the president of university and the representative of school. We also introduced ourselves in front of them. In the end of the event, we took a photo again.

After that, we went to the school with vice president and the others teacher such as T.Puk, T.Mai, T.Nuk by elf. Our school is located near the public sport area. CRPAO teacher is very kind. They gave us the umbrella for each person. Since the weather is unconditionally, the umbrella is very helpful. We arrived at the school and do a small school tour. We also went to the our dorm. Do you know what? My first impression are both school and the dorm is very cool!! I’m really berry very grateful to be in CRPAO school. We had VVIP dorm with great facility. There’s no school who offered you laundry and room with air conditioner! We also had experience to intern in great school with 14 program on it. There are lot of student and teacher from foreigner. Means that this school is really great to facilitate language with deserve the native teacher. Last but not least, we met T.Fang and T.Champ, our beloved teacher in CRPAO!!!

11.26 – we had a lunch in front of the school in halal restaurant. My first impression eating the thai food is too acid. I don’t know to describe it but Thai people love the acid ingredients. While we wait for the food, our teacher gave us Thai name. My name is tang thai, varni is tengmo, and aulia is teng kwa. The thai names are comes from fruit.

13.07 – we went to central plaza to buy some itinerates- if there’s something we need in the dorm. I bought milk and bread for the breakfast.

After that, we went to school and walking around the building with T.Fang and T.Champ. We had school tour. We met the others teacher from primary until the secondary school. There is a lot of foreigner teacher in primary. The foreigner teacher in high school is T.neil . The school has a lot of building. Then, we decided what we want to teach whether primary or secondary. T.Champ and T.Fang also explained us about the agenda and rundown in this month.

Anyway, I lived with aul in the dorm. She’s from Makassar. Her university is Universitas Negeri Makasar. She’s very kind, friendly, nyablak, and funny. Let’s get flashback, in the night, me and aul are trying to search some food for dinner. We went out the school and go to the dark place and running out like crazy because of the dog. That’s memorable experience that we had. After we arrived at the dorm, we laughed together.

In short, I am very grateful to having CRPAO school as my intern school because all of the teacher or staff are really care about us lot, not only help us about the need but also the academic things. For the example, T,Fang and T.Champ is very generous to give us the water and tell us the school system

Wednesday, 7 august 2019

07.30 – we went to the school and join the morning ceremony. The morning ceremony in Thailand is quite fast rather than in Indonesia which usually spend 40 minutes. After that, we had a two-days training. The first day, we learnt about thinking tools with T.Mike and T.John. The thinking tools are divided into PMI, contra and contrast, KWL, etc. You know what? CRPAO is the founder of thinking tools in Chiang Rai and I’m so proud that I can learn from the school creator. In the training session, they gave us the example of the student work. The student work are very creative. The activity that made by the teacher is also the engaging! It’s fun indeed

Thursday, 8 august 2019

In the second day of training, we learnt about lesson plan with T.Wan and the advisor of primary school. It’s quite different with Indonesia that the lesson plan is very complex. In Thailand, teacher can write the activity based on the four stage. The stage are Do Now, Purpose, Work Mode, and Reflective thinking. The goals of the training today is try to making the lesson plan based on the indicator that we have. Since I choosed senior high school or we usually called as Mattayom 4, I got indicator for 10 grade of high school. I started to design the engaging activity in my lesson plan. The lesson plan became our homework. So we discuss again in the next day. After the training session is finished, we had a lunch in cafeteria. We also talked about our field trip with T.Fang and T.Champ

Friday, 9 augutus 2019

This is a special dayyyy. Woohoo! We celebrated the mother’s day! I wear batik for Friday and fortunately the color of my batik is blue. So the clothes are very match with the mothers’ day costume. A little fact about mothers’ day, this celebration is held for celebrate the queen birthday and mothers’ in general. It’s kind of appreciation ceremony. In the end of the event, we took a photo with the whole teacher.

After that, we observed two class of T.Mike in primary school. In that class, they did the group project to present about pineapple structure. The students draw the pineapple by color pen. They looks happy and enjoy the class. The other class is T.Wan class. In that class, the students watched the movie as their part of learning.

They check and consulate the lesson plan to the T.Wan

Doing microteaching for each person in fornt of the class. After that, pmi (plus minus interesting) about ourselves teaching and the others.

T,Fang and T.Champ is very generous to give us the water and others stuff. I love you teacher!!

Saturday, 10 August 2019

We had a lunch in halal resto near the school. The food that I bought is Pad Thai. Pad Thai is similar with Kwetiaw. I liked the taste!

17,00 – We, the CRPAO gurls, went to clock tower night bazaar market by using grab. Grab is the best deal in town! There’s a lot of discount that they can offer. In the clock tower, we met the demonstration school girls such as Desi, Maria, Sarah, and April. I also had experience to eat grasshopper. Can you imagine? A grasshopper! Haha very cool. After that, we dance in the night market with the other tourist and search the other stuff.

18.42 – We had a maghrib prayer at Darul aman mosque. Darul aman mosque is the first time mosque in Chiang Rai that I visited before. This mosque is big with two floor on it. After we had a prayer, we continued to walk around in night bazaar.

21.37 – we arrived at dorm safely

Sunday, 11 august 2019

7.33 – We, the moslem delegates, arrived at Darul aman mosque for celebrate Eid al adha. The others like Ferdi, Lya, Cath are prayed in Church. After we had prayer, I cried a lil bit. I just miss my family. But it is not me who feeling alone, the other too. They felt sad because celebrating Eid al adha far from home. We hugged together. The memorable one.

Then, we walked together to find halal restaurant. And we got nothing. Since today is the holiday so all of the resto is full closed. We start to search the halal restaurant in google and finally found. The restaurant named is Sarineen. It’s quite far from the Darul Aman mosque, so we had long walked to arrive at the restaurant.

1.24 – we arrived at the dorm after celebrate Eid Al Adha

Monday, 12 august 2019

Food panda is your savior! When you feeling hungry just go order with you handphone and wait for a while. But unfortunately I cant download due to the region issue huhu. So we went to clock tower again and night market. Gurls love shopping anyway!

Tuesday, 13 august 2019

Today is my first class observation. I observe the junior high school or Mattayom 1 with my beloved friend, Varni. Not only observe the junior high school, but also I observe the merchant marine class. I can felt the different when teaching junior or senior. It quite challenging when you teach high school. Anyway, today is T.Fang birthday!!! Woo hoo teacher happy birthdayyy. We celebrate her party after school. We had a prank before and our mission is success haha.

Wednesday, 14 august 2019

Today is my last observation class. Based on the CRPAO schedule for pre-service teacher, we only had two days to observe the student and classrooms. After that, T.Maai asked to school hall. The students had a preparation for Science day. They created the sustainable or recycle dress! So cool.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Today I taught three classes about ASEAN culture. This is my first day in teaching practice! I bought my teaching aid such as boardgame and dice. I made it by myself last night. I’m happy that my student love my activity. they seems engage to me!


Saturday, 17 August 2019

my CRPAO gurls (Neung, Aul, and Varni)

Storolling around CRPAO

Do you know what? CRPAO is the biggest school that i ever seen in Chiang Rai. This afternoon, i walk around CRPAO school. I met a lot of people did the sport activity. Not only the elder but also toddler! I think people in Thai is really concern about their health. Great!

Sunday, 18 august 2019

16.00 – we, the CRPAO girls, went to white temple by using grab.

17.00 – We went to tano khon muan, the night market near tesaban 5 school. We met the other delegates from SEA-Teacher. In night market, I bought some souvenir.

Anyway, if we talk about the teaching challenge during the program, the problem is language barrier. I solved the problem with using bilingual powerpoint, leant thai useful language, add engaging activity, and asked to the teacher advisor.

Monday, 19 august 2019

T.Champ gave me a CRPAO card. This card help me to pay the food in cafeteria.

20 – 22 August 2019

I still taught ASEAN culture to the X grade. On the third first day, I used board gameas the teaching aid. Meanwhile, this day I changed the puzzle into picture-match game!

Why i changed the game?

Because board game spent a lot of time to do so that i change into the picture-match game. When i tried to the Merchant marine class, they seems so excited!

Friday, 23 august 2019


I never taught that I’d be surprise by the teacher. You know what? When I was teaching in the morning, suddenly T.Fang T.Champ T.Maai and T.Bling came to the class with brought the cake and candle. I got surprise from teacher! I’m so happy and can’t even say a word. The student and the teacher sang a happy birthday to me. I’m beyond happy and grateful to meet them in my life.

Saturday, 24 august 2019

08.30 – Today is the field trip! We went to the blue temple, choui fong tea plantation, phra that doi wao temple, and mae sai order market. We went the tourist attraction by elf. The teacher who join the field trip are T.Fang, T.Karn, T.Pia, T.Guide, and T.Noon. Not only the SEA-Teacher but also Chinese teacher join the field trip. I am so happy strolling the city around! Thank you teacher, this is the best memories ever!

16.00 – we went back home safely. We are so tired but happy at the same time! haha

Tuesday, 27 august 2019

Today is the big day of badminton match. Me and varni vs T.Fang and T.Champ. We had a country battle, Thai vs Indo. The match are consist of three round with 21 score. The winner is the team who had a free food from the loser. And you know who’s the winner? Ofcourse our teacher! Hahahaha. I’m feeling happy today even I’m the loser haha.

Wednesday, 28 august 2019

17.00 – Never been to fast but today we celebrate farewell dinner together with T.maai, t.champ, t.fang, t.karn, t.champ 2nd floor. We ate the food in halal restaurant. Teacher, tell me this is not the endL I don’t want to leave you all this time. I just feel comfortable being in here. Found a new family in CRPAO and create the memories together. I will miss you when I come back to Indonesia.

Thursday, 29 august 2019

13.00 – We had an individual teaching evaluation presentation. Each of the SEA-Teacher delegates came forward to present their teaching evaluation for the whole month. We talked about the things we had learnt in CRPAO, opinion about Thai student, problem issue during the program, impression on the program, and compare/contrast between Indonesia and Thailand education. We also got CRPAO shirt, thank you so much teacher! I really love CRPAO so much!

Friday, 30 august 2019

09.00 – We arrived at CCRU by school transportation

10.00 – the opening speech by vice president

10.10 – the student’s performance evaluation presentation for each school

11.30 – student exchange cultural performance divided into two session. First, thai student’s performance and Indonesia student’s performance. We had maumere dance together! it’s feel so nice haha we sync with the music together. The other delegates from Philippines, April sang Gaano ko ikaw kamahal (traditional Filipino song).

11.50 – closing speech by vice president

12.00 – lunch

13.30 – commencement ceremony

14.30 – group photo

15.00 – transfer to the hotel

In the evening, we had dinner with the others delegates in halal food restaurant. After that, Me Varni and Neung met T.Karn for the last night. We had a chit chat and laughed. I will miss you teacher, see you very soon!

Saturday, 31 august 2019

07.00 – This is the last day in Thailand, we had breakfast in the hotel.

11.30 – on the way to the airport with Varni Salma Mukhlis Cath Desi and Sarah again.

16.13 – arrived at DMK airport. When we had a transfer flight, we met the other SEA-Teacher delegates from Chiang Mai. We shared our Instagram each other and talk about the impression during the program. We actually had a same problem haha but in the end it’s going very well.

23.00 – arrived at Soekarno-Hatta. I met my family who picked me up.