Sum & Suggestion

Purposes of practicum

As i cited from SEAMEO website, The SEA Teacher Project or the “Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia” is a project that aims to provide opportunity for pre-service student teachers from universities in Southeast Asia to have teaching experiences (practicum) in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia.

In addition, the objectives of the project are

  1. To enable pre-service student teachers to develop their teaching skills and pedagogy
  2. To encourage the pre-service student teachers to practice their English skills
  3. To allow the pre-service student teachers to gain a broader regional and world view
  4. To expose future teachers to diverse teaching and learning situations and opportunities, and the value of flexibility.

Those SEA-Teacher project objective was already meet my needs. First, i learnt my teaching skills and pedagogy from the teacher and its school. I am grateful to have an experience in CRPAO because this school has “Thinking Tools” and its own pedagogy. The interesting is this 6 thinking tools can be implemented in Indonesia for raising the higher order thinking skills (HOTS). I also learnt how to design the lesson plan, i already know the stages in teaching in Thailand. its quite similar with the different name. Second, i’m not only practice my english skills but also my thai skills. To be able to comumunicate with student, I learnt some Thai vocab such as kru/teacher, sabai dee mai?/how are you, nakrien/student, ca ngieb prod/be quiet please, fang/listen, etc. Third, the project give me another view of teaching in Thai. I can compare and contrast both the student and the teaching style of each country. In indonesia, i deal with the misbehave student but in thailand, i deal with the passive student so i learnt how to increase the class to be more active. Forth, I gain my teaching confidence. since i have 28 hours of teaching, i felt like teaching is become of my hobby. I learnt the mistake from the first teaching and prepare for the best in the next meeting. i’m very grateful that i got best mentor teacher who always giving me advice and encourage me.

In short, SEA-Teacher project is a great opportunity for pre-service teacher in gaining teaching experience. You also have a chance to go abroad, meet new people both from the country that you visited or Indonesia delegates, explore the new things as a teacher. I really recommended this one to joining SEA-Teacher in the next batch and feel the experience!

Procedures of practicum

Day 1 – meeting with the director in CRRU and school touring

Day 2 – thinking tools workshop. In this workshop, the pre-service teacher able to use 10 thinking tools in classroom

Day 3 – learn and create lesson plan

Day 4 – review/check how to create and use the lesson plan

Day 8 and 9 – classroom observation

Day 10 until 23 – teaching practice

Day 24 – Student evaluation presentation. In this presentation, the pre-service teacher able to summarise about teaching experience using PMI models.

Outcomes of practicum

  • Thinking tools is the interesting in my teaching practicum at CRPAO School. I’m doing my research about this method. Hope this can be my paper in next conference!
  • Teaching pedagogy and skills.
  • Thai language
  • Get new friends and college
  • Indonesia and Thailand culture exchange. I learnt a lot of Thai phrases, thai attitude, thai slang words, thai dance, as well as thai music. I love My Ambulance by Nadao Music, anyway! haha

The challenges of practicum

  • Language barrier in classroom. It’s hard to teach English with English as the language introduction in classroom. Thanks to T.Maai and Google translate who help me a lot.

Overall impression

There are numerous advantages in joining SEA-Teacher. First, it helps to gain the real teaching experience. Student able to integrate academic coursework with practical application. Student also have an opportunities to see how school works is, get feedback on the teaching skills, manage students with the different learning styles, learnt strategies in teaching, and also learnt the culture.

In shoty, this is a good opportunity to interact with other delegates from another country and develop the global standard of education. After I join SEA-Teacher, I can implements the pedagogical skills from the school that i went before. I also can do a research in the classroom.

Suggestion for future improvement

  • Had a teaching hour standard. For the example, the school A apply 10 hours of teaching practice then in the school B must follow the 10 hours of teaching practice.
  • Had a buddy which can speak English as well. At least, we can communicate each other and ask the things easily.
  • Had a long SEA-Teacher project duration. for instance, this project can be done in three month with different school in SEA-Teacher country.