School Profile

Name of School: ChiangRai Provincial Administrative Organization School

Address: Stadium Road, Rob Wiang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province

Postal Code: 57000

Telephone No: 0-5371-7788

Fax: 0-5371-8484




Environment: The surroundings of Chiang Rai Provincial Administrative Organization School is residence, public sport area, and reservoir.

PHILOSOPHY of Chiang Rai Provincial Administrative Organization School

Providing Opportunity and Quality of Education in Chiangrai

1 school, 3 curriculums, 4 grades, and 14 programs


  • To be the best in education
  • To be the best in languages
  • To be the best in sport
  • To be the best “WE CAN BE”


  • Providing exceptional opportunities
  • Advancing towards international standards
  • Enhancing opportunities for a better future

Vision: Chiang Rai Provincial Administrative Organization School aims to develop learners to their full potential in accordance with educational standards, to be aware of global changes, to use technology as a foreign language communication, to have a public mind on the local ways of life and pace, and become global


  1. provide basic education at primary school level –grade 6
  2. develop learners to their potential in accordance with national education standards
  3. promote and develop learners to be aware of changes in today’s world using technology and able to communicate in foreign language
  4. promote and develop learners to be aware of localities, traditions, cultures, and advanced competitive on the world stage or a pestle
  5. develop the student for excellene dedicated to a higher potential, such as foreign languages, sciences, and technology, sports and so on


  • developing learners to education standards and internationalization strategy
  • developing teachers to professional teachers strategy
  • developing educational management systms strategy
  • developing educational institutions to be accepted and to international standards strategy other areas

Academic Support System

Chiang Rai Provincial Administrative Organization School

School Faculty and Staff

Thinking School based classroom “thinking tools”

Student-centered learning

Promote education 4.0 in classroom

Provide inquiry-based education

After school activities: Club

Additional information:

Number of CRPAO school club: 143

Number of English club in CRPAO

  1. English cross word club
  2. English through anime club
  3. English movie club
  4. Easy English club
  5. Spelling bee club
  6. English letter for fun
  7. English drama club
  8. English quiz quick quick
  9. English sport club
  10. English news report


A. English Program (EP)

The English Program is available in kindergarten and primary. CRPAO School maximizes the serving quality with the concept of “Low Cost-High Quality”.

B. General Program

General programs are provided to students of the secondary school, whether the lower or higher. They are:

  1. Genius Science-Math (GSM)
  2. Talented Science-Math (TSM)
  3. Talented English Program (TEP)
  4. Talented Chinese Program (TCP)
  5. Talented General Program (TGP)
  6. Citizen Empowerment Program (CEP)
  7. Pre-Cadet (PCD)
  8. Pre-Mini Master of Business Administration (Pre-Mini MBA)
  9. Retail Management Program (RMP)
  10. Pre-Educator Program (PEP)
  11. Performing Art Program (PAP)
  12. Smart Chef Program (SCP)
  13. Merchant Marine Program (MMP)

C. Excellent Sport (E-SPort)

This program is aimed to help students to be professional athletes in three categories of sport, namely football, handball, and athletics. And it has been proven by so many achievements the students got from various sports events.


Chiang Rai Provincial Administrative Organization School is consist of kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, and senior high school. By providing three curriculum and fourteen program, this school believe that all students have different potential to be successful in their future.


10 School building

2 Multipurpose building




Football field

Futsal field/Basketball court

Swimming pool


Music Studio

Athlete’s dormitory

Cafeteria (Card privilege)

Coffee shop

Online Grade progress (GPA) report system

Online club register

e-learning material


Teaching System

The classes are held from Monday to Friday. This school have nine period in a day. There are 10 subjects, as follows: Thai, Math, Social, Science, Physically Education, Art, English, Chinese Language, Guidance Counselling, and vocational. The first period class starts at 8:30 am and end up in 4:00 pm. Every 7:30 in the morning, students and teachers are participate the flag ceremony. After they had flag ceremony, the student attend the class until 11:50 am. Then, if the school bell are ringing it means that they had a lunch break. Student can buy the meal either in the cafeteria or outside the school. Mostly student already have card to pay the meal in cafeteria. In the end of the period, student can go home at 3:10 pm meanwhile teacher can go home at 4:30 pm. After school, both teacher and student have a club activity based on their interest and hobby.

Periode 1: 8.30 – 9.20 am

Periode 2: 9.20 – 10.10 am

Periode 3: 10.10 – 11.00 am

Periode 4: 11.00 – 11.50 am

Periode 5: 11.50 – 12.40 am

Periode 6: 12.40 – 1.30 pm

Periode 7: 1.30 – 2.20 pm

Periode 8: 2.20 – 3.10 pm

Periode 9: 3.10 – 4.00 pm

Since this school is founder of thinking school, so teacher implement six thinking tools in the subject. The thinking tools can be implement in students’ work mode. Teacher also have four stage in teaching. The stage in teaching can be divided into do now, purpose, work mode, and reflective thinking.

Fun fact:

English subject spent two period means two hour teaching.

Whenever you heard Thai national anthem, you need to stop and be quite! Even when you are in a rush to get to school.

Most of student task requires student to be creative. Don’t forget to bring your pencil color!

Materials and Other Learning Sources



Handout (printed and digital)



E-learning on School website


Teaching aid (flashcard, diagram)

Others material: library, educational games (kahoot/quizzes), student posters

Measurement and Evaluation System

In the work mode, teacher use individual works and group works. The individual works can be done by assessing the task mainly using thinking tools. While, the group works can be assess by game or others. Teacher evaluate the student based on the:

  • Formal assessment : kahoot/quizzes quiz (after the class)
    • Formative assessment : student participation during the class (asking and delivering their opinion)
    • Summative assessment : mid and final exam

In Chiang Rai Provincial Administrative Organization School, there are four levels for measurement and evaluation as follows:

Teacher also make a rubric of scoring in order to assess student task and knowing student comprehension


Chiang Rai Provincial Administrative Organization School use Basic Education Curriculum 2001 which design by the government. This school also provide curriculum for English Program (EP). In learning area of foreign language, there are four main standard. Each of the main standards is divided into indicators based on their grade level.

Teaching Plan